Project: Contemporary New Build

Located just a stone’s throw away from Stanmore Station, this contemporary new build has the perfect blend of entertainment spaces and practical functionality to meet the needs of a modern family. With a keen understanding of their clients’ requirements, Moderno Interiors has created a breath-taking 4 bedroom contemporary house that features striking interiors. The use of innovative materials, lighting, bespoke joinery design and modern furniture pieces contribute to the overall statement-making of the house.

Client: Private Residential

Scope: Contemporary New Build

Client: Private Residential

Scope: Contemporary New Build


Wall Feature: Bespoke Stone

Communicating between nature and interiors, Moderno Interiors showcase their expertise in creating impressive arrays of texture in this stunning wall feature created from bespoke stone. Made entirely from resin and hand finished with inorganic pigments provide high durability with an authentic rock feel. Use of mirror combined with bespoke shelving is used to accentuate space and continuity of the stone ledge and rock wall.

Modern Contemporary Living Room

A warm muted, timeless earthy toned colour palette, accentuating clever lighting detail seamlessly transitions an intimate cosy open plan family room into a sophisticated space for entertainment. This modern contemporary living room details in bespoke shelving, merging ergonomic shapes with reflective materials. Featured statement furniture and lighting by Roche Bobois, Catellan Italia, Moderno Interiors and Slamp casts moody shadows for an ambient feel.

Open Concept Kitchen

The design of this open concept kitchen incorporates a palette of warm greys, creating a modern industrial atmosphere with a softened masculine edge. The architectural lighting design has been carefully planned to highlight the features of the space. The open bespoke shelving feature wall utilizes smoke grey mirrors with concealed LED lighting, creating a soft and inviting ambiance. Additionally, free and ergonomic lighting fixtures were chosen for the dining area to bring a slightly feminine touch to the overall design. The use of natural stone on bespoke table with a leather finish, wood veneer and high-end appliances integrates a sense of luxury within the design scheme. 

Contemporary Bathroom Design

The bathroom spaces in this contemporary new build embrace a soothing neutral palette evoking a sense of tranquillity and serenity. Bespoke vanity units and bathroom recessed cabinets have been incorporated to cleverly expand the visual perception of the rooms. Mirrors, seamlessly integrated within the bespoke panelling have been strategically placed to create depth and openness. The introduction of wood slats, complemented by bespoke stone accents and smoke bronze mirrors, establishes a consistent design element throughout the interior unifying the various areas of the house together. 

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