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Interior Design & Architecture

It is crucial for Moderno Interiors to understand the lifestyle, taste, and needs of their clients when starting any project, whether it be a refurbishment or a new build. It is imperative interior designers are appointed at the same time as the architect as involvement at the beginning of any project is crucial to ensuring the final design meets clients’ needs and preferences that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Client’s preferences, lifestyle, and daily routines is meticulously considered to ensure that the final design meets requirements. One of the first steps in the design process is to analyse the space and plan the layout. All interior and exterior architectural elements are handled in house from space planning, bespoke Joinery and furniture, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lighting and landscape design. Below we have summarised the complete design process you would expect from our services. These services are also available as individual packages.


FF & E Design

FF&E means Furniture, Fixture and Equipment. It simply means purchasing all the approved goods (furniture, fabrics…) on behalf of our client(s).



Procurement involves processing FF & E design completion within budget including any shipment co-ordinations and final on-site installation. We ensure you pay the best price for goods and services, save time by choosing the most reputable suppliers and minimise order delays and mistakes, saving money and time making the design project seamless and stress free. 


Design Project Management

All design aspects will be monitored onsite with regular site visits and coordination with all subcontractors to guarantee design execution is implemented correctly.



Turnkey Styling is dressing projects to create full lifestyle vision which involves: considerate sourcing of all decorative items from floral arrangements to appointing artists for art placement.   

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